Amazingly Precise Selections

Nota features an innovative toolbar to help you get the job done.

Area Selection Tool: Lets you highlight any part of a web page. And best of all it takes a screen capture of the selection!

Text Highlighter Tool: Shows copy changes and catches typos in text heavy pages. (Yeah, we're looking at you "Terms of Use" pages.)

Real-time Event Recording

Take the guesswork out of web development, with Nota. Nota records every click, scroll, and keystroke, giving you the clues you need to efficiently understand and repair user issues.

"in Context" Issues

When your client points out an issue, Nota captures all the details about the environment in which it occurred, including the user’s platform. That way, when you log on to take a look, you’ll see exactly what the client saw.

Nota + Your Current Workflow? A Match Made in Heaven.

Have a project management app that your client or your team loves? No problem! Nota seamlessly integrates with your current workflow to create an easy to use, collaborative design process.

Best of all, there’s virtually no learning curve for your client, or your development team, so you don’t have to interrupt your busy schedule.

Note: During public Beta only Basecamp Integration is available

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